Prayer Walking: What It Looks Like and How to Get Started

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Prayer Walking: What It Looks Like and How to Get Started

So you’re loving where you are, but you’re realizing: this is HARD! People are messy, time is hard to come by, and you can’t be the answer to everyone’s problems. But you know it’s worth it to share the love of Jesus with those around you.

We believe learning to pray for our neighbors where we live, work, and go is one of the most powerful and loving things we can do for them.


• Door to door evangelism

• Passing out gospel tracts

• Praying out loud with your hands in the air in your neighbor’s front yard or your boss’s office

• A reenactment of an episode of The Walking Dead


• A strategic, purposeful way to pray for your neighbors by name where you live, work, and go

• A rhythm of everyday life—it happens as you walk your dog, play with your kids, walk into work, work out at the gym, sit in the coffee shop, etc.

• Trusting God to develop and deepen relationships. He’s the one who works in people to reveal Himself for his glory.


• Map out your neighborhood, workplace, etc. Start identifying neighbors where you live, work, and go.

• Get outside and walk around, eat lunch in a common space at work, etc.

• Look around and make some observations. What can you notice about people and their lives without even talking to them?


• A burden for people who don’t know Jesus

• “People of peace” who can help you build relationships with others in your neighborhood, workplace, etc. These are the people who throw neighborhood parties, invite the office to lunch, or invite people to watch the game with them.

• Opportunities to build relationships and become friends with the people God has placed in your life

• Opportunities to practically and tangibly love people right where they are

• That Jesus would reveal Himself to the people you’re praying for and become real to them