Care Ministry FAQ

We offer mentoring for all Southeast members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Men's Mentors, Women's Mentors, and Marriage Mentors are available for members of Southeast Christian Church.

Southeast Care Counseling Center (CCC)
Southeast Care Counseling Center is a full-service, outpatient counseling center dedicated to serving members, regular attendees and the community on a fee-for-service basis. CCC is suited to handle both long and short-term counseling. We also have a psychiatric physician who is able to provide mental health evaluations and medication management.

Non-members and members are offered help in group settings through Encounter and Support/Recovery support and growth groups.

Southeast Care Counseling Center (CCC) is for members and non-members. As part of the Care Ministry, we offer Encounter which is a weekly program for members and non-members where people can find hope and healing in times of emotional and spiritual struggles.

Southeast Care Counseling Center is designed to serve the community on a fee-for-service basis.

We serve as a referral ministry for those who are not members of Southeast or for those whose needs exceed the current scope of our ministry. We often refer to our Southeast Care Counseling Center, which is available to anyone with a need for counseling.

The Care Ministry is supported financially through the church and there is no fee for Individual Mentors or Marriage Mentors; however, contributions are welcomed for the ongoing work and continued expansion of the counseling ministry.

Southeast Care Counseling Center operates on a fee-for-service basis.

Within the counseling ministry, there can sometimes be a wait of several weeks for an initial appointment with one of our staff counselors. For issues not requiring professional counseling, one can often receive help within a week through the counseling ministry, which offers one-on-one mentoring. The counseling ministry also offers immediate help to persons in the Support/Recovery Ministry. Additionally, the Counseling Ministry serves as a referral ministry–often connecting people to various resources within both the church and community.

Southeast Care Counseling Center strives to schedule an initial appointment within a two-week time frame; however, most appointments are made within the first week.

Southeast Care Counseling Center is open Monday through Friday with evening hours available on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.
Absolutely not. The groups are open to anyone seeking hope.
None of the support groups have a fee and most of the recovery groups do not have a fee, although many of them utilize workbooks. Group members are responsible for purchasing their workbooks, which are available in The Living Word bookstore at Southeast.