Hope, Spiritual Guidance and Sustainability

The Financial Care Ministry wants to offer hope, spiritual guidance and sustainability. Become good stewards of what God has blessed you with by discovering freedom from debt and God’s desires for your financial life.

Purpose of Good Stewardship

At Southeast, we want to help our members and friends recognize God’s ownership of all that we have. We are called to be good stewards/managers of what God has entrusted to us.

One-on-One Budget Mentoring

Budget mentoring allows members Southeast Christian Church members to meet confidentially one-on-one with staff or a trained peer mentor to discuss income and expenses, assets and liabilities, and to obtain Bible-based financial mentor. We assist members who are currently in debt and want to become free from financial bondage. We also help members who are not in debt and want to improve their money management and stewardship skills.

Member Benevolence

The Financial Care Ministry also provides spiritual support to Southeast Christian Church members who request benevolence. Members may meet confidentially one-on-one with staff or trained peer counselor who will review their financial situation and may be able to offer financial benevolence temporarily on behalf of the church until the financial situation becomes more stable. Download the Member Benevolence Form.