Family Dedication

The next Family Dedication ceremony at Blankenbaker Campus will take place on March 17/18.
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Tiny baby—giant task ahead!

We believe that life with God is meant to be a family thing. Nobody has a greater potential to impact a child's spiritual development than their parents! Your involvement in Family Dedication is a pledge to God and the congregation that you are serious about the task that is ahead of you. As a church, our aim is to join you in this dedication and equip you as we build spiritually healthy homes together.

It’s a process, not a program.

Dedicating your child is so much more than five minutes on the stage one weekend—it’s a journey that lasts a lifetime! Through this process, we hope to get you started down that parenting road. We’ll encourage you to imagine the end, remind you that you can’t give what you don’t have, and explain how it’s a partnership for the next 18 years and beyond.

Parent Checklist for Family Dedication:
  1. Listen to three short parenting talks, found below.
  2. Learn by attending an orientation class. Register below.
  3. Celebrate at the Family Dedication ceremony.
  4. Connect to the SE!Kids ministry and other parents to give and get support.
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Be sure to register by March 5 for our next Family Dedication, as late registration cannot be accepted.

Parenting Talks

Before you attend your orientation class, please listen to each of these 7-11 minute recordings.


There are multiple options at each campus. Preferred options for classes are made during the registration process. If you wish to change class times after registering, email
In celebrating a new life, Family Dedication is available for children up to 24 months old.
For the stage portion of the ceremony, we ask that only the child being dedicated and their custodial parents participate. Other family members are encouraged to sit in the congregation and express their support by standing while your baby is dedicated.
Family Dedication is open to parents who can truthfully say, “I will commit myself to raising this child to know the Lord Jesus Christ by loving, disciplining, training, and setting a positive Christ-like example.” If parents are unmarried and living separately, only the primary custodial parent may participate. Parents who are unmarried and living together are asked to live separately or wait until they are married to dedicate their child. For further clarification, of this or any other guideline, please contact Membership is not required.