Congratulations on getting engaged! Your wedding day is important and we want to help you be prepared—not just for your wedding, but for your marriage.

If you are planning on being married at one of our Southeast campuses or using a Southeast minister, please call 502.253.8000 and ask for the Pre-Marital Ministry.

The mandatory requirements to either be married at Southeast or to be married by a Southeast minister are: complete our informational sheets (call the Marriage Ministry for more information); attend a 5-week pre-marital class; participate in our marriage mentoring program; meet with your Wedding Coordinator; and meet with the minister who will perform your ceremony

The cost of using the Chapel is $500.00 at this time. This includes: a Wedding Coordinator (who will be present during your wedding rehearsal and ceremony), sound technician, and set-up of any of the decorations we offer, including candelabras and candles.

Couples who are not getting married at Southeast or couples who are not members of Southeast are welcome to attend the pre-marital classes; however, we must first accommodate the couples for whom this class is a mandatory part of their wedding process at Southeast and members of Southeast. The class is $75.00 and all couples must register through the Marriage Ministry.

The answer is yes as long as the mandatory requirements listed above are met. Couples are required to have a Southeast Wedding Coordinator accompany the minister, this is an additional cost.

Most couples call nine months to one year prior to their wedding date. In order for a couple to complete all the mandatory requirements, we suggest contacting the Marriage Ministry six months in advance.

After you have finished the pre-marital classes, each couple is assigned either a couple or minister to mentor them. Each person is required to complete an online assessment, which helps determine the strengths and weaknesses of the couple. The mentors meet with the couples and mentor them on any areas that need to be addressed as shown on their Inventory Assessment. It is a great tool to help couples strengthen their relationship.

The bride and groom are the only attendees who may receive communion during a wedding ceremony. For coordinating reasons and time issues we don’t allow offering communion to all the guests. We also do not want to make any guest feel uncomfortable or awkward.

The most common day to have a wedding is Saturday, but we can have weddings on any day provided the Chapel is available. The times on Saturdays that we host weddings are 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Sundays are available any time after 2:00 p.m. You will need to check with the Marriage Ministry to see if the Chapel is available on other days and times.

Family Ministry

There is no such thing as a perfect family! No matter if you are engaged, married, or single, we are here to help guide and equip you as parents and spouses.

Fight Your Way
to a Better Marriage

Recurring Event
Tue. • Jan. 22

Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage

"Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage" is a 6-week class that focuses on godly conflict resolution within marriage.

Parenting with
a Purpose

Recurring Event
Sat. • Jan. 19
FH 110

Parenting with a Purpose

Parenting is one of the greatest challenges in life!

Young Married
Adults (18-35)

Recurring Event
Sun. • Jan. 20
The Attic

Young Adults (18-35)

We will spend time addressing common questions facing the 18-35 year old generation - whether dating, married or divorced.

Built to Last

Recurring Event
Sun. • Jan. 20

Marriage Built to Last

Marriage Built to Last isn't your typical marriage study.

and Respect

Multiple Dates
Starting on Jan, 21

Love and Respect

Reap the benefits of the marriage God intended as you discover the secret to successful communication between husband and wife.


Recurring Event
Contact to register and for more information.
Blankenbaker Campus

Premarital Class

Newly married or planning on getting married soon? We'll equip you with the tools your marriage needs not only to survive, but thrive!

Empty Nesters'

Recurring Event
Sat. • Feb. 09
Room 190 C

Empty Nesters' Dinner

Join us for a monthly time of celebration and great conversation as we talk about everyday life as empty nesters. Please bring a side dish or dessert to share for a potluck-style dinner. No registration required.

Considering Foster
Care and Adoption


Individual Event
Sun. • Feb. 10 • 10:30 AM
FH 110

Considering Foster Care and Adoption

If you are considering foster care, domestic adoption, or international adoption, please join us to learn more about how to get started.


Individual Event
Sat. • Feb. 16 • 9:00 AM
FH 2

Family Is Forever: Foster & Adoptive Family Celebration

If you are a foster or adoptive family, please join us for a time of celebration and connection. We will have a time of worship, some great speakers, breakout sessions, door prizes and end it all with a family lunch. Childcare is available for children 0-14.

Raising Grandkids

Recurring Event
Tue. • Feb. 19

Grandparents Raising Grandkids

An opportunity for grandparents to connect and provide support during a season of raising their grandkids.

Marriage ROCKS!


Individual Event
Fri. • Mar. 08 • 7:30 PM
Block Auditorium

Marriage ROCKS!

Did you know that God created marriage to be a blast-even when it feels like life is going crazy?

Deep Love Intro Class

Recurring Event
Sat. • Mar. 16

Deep Love Intro Class

This is a one-time introductory class explaining the upcoming Deep Love assessment small group.

Deep Love
Marriage Class

Recurring Event
Tue. • Apr. 09
ATCR 200

Deep Love Marriage Class

Deep Love is a 4-week, assessment driven, small group for couples of all ages. It is designed from 1 Peter 4:8 , which states "Above all, love each other deeply...".

Foster Care & Adoption

If you are an existing foster or adoptive family at Southeast or you are interested in getting started on the journey, we want to support and encourage you! Please contact our Director of Foster Care & Adoption Ministries, Blaine Hamilton @ with any specific questions.

Considering Foster Care & Adoption

If you are considering foster care, domestic adoption, or international adoption, please join us to learn more about how to get started. We will provide a basic overview of each option and the next steps to begin the process. This class rotates around various campuses, check the NEXT Magazine for details about the upcoming sessions.

5th Sunday Foster & Adoptive Fellowship

If you are a foster family, adoptive family, or just getting started in the process, please join us to connect with other families like yours. These groups will kick off on Sunday, April 29th at the Blankenbaker, Crestwood, Indiana, and Southwest campuses. They will meet every fifth Sunday throughout the year fro fellowship. Please check the NEXT Magazine for details about times and locations.

Bryan Elliot
Family Pastor
P: (502) 253-8505

Blaine Hamilton
Foster Care & Adoption Pastor
P: (502) 253-8091