What is 8/18?

In August 2011, Dave Stone wore a 70-pound backpack as he preached about the burden of debt and issued the challenge to be debt free by August 2018. He said, “I’m going to challenge you to spend the next seven days praying about what God can do in the next seven years.” That week thousands of people circled 8/18 on their calendar and with God’s help began the journey to financial freedom.


8/18 Stories

Robert and Milessa Barnes

When Milessa Barnes first heard the 8/18 sermon, it was only a few weeks after confessing her shopping addiction to her husband Robert. They placed their trust in God as they committed to paying off over $35,000 in credit card debt. “In every aspect, in every decision, God played a pivotal role.”

Marty and Erica Brischke

“When things were the worst we were in a little over $900,000 worth of debt. We were literally steps away from bankruptcy or something really scary.” The 8/18 challenge gave Marty and Erica Brischke a date to work against as they set their sights on becoming debt free.

Benjamin and Ashley Hall

“It’s forced us to have discussions about our priorities and what we want to say ‘yes’ to and what we want to say ‘no’ to and making sure we are on the same page.” After hearing the 8/18 sermon, Benjamin and Ashley Hall knew they wanted to commit to getting out of debt by paying off their mortgage by 2018.

Mark and Shannon Denney

“We have learned to trust God for work and finances, and that He is trustworthy in all things.” When Mark and Shannon Denney heard the message about being debt free by August 2018, they agreed to use every means possible to pay off all their debt.

Mike and Denise Amos

“God is faithful. He has provided. You just have to trust Him and hold hands and say ‘We can do it.’” The 8/18 sermon helped Mike and Denise Amos start communicating about money and got them moving in the same direction.

Levi and Lori White

“If you are in a hole, no matter how big the hole feels, it’s not necessarily a numbers thing, it’s a discipline thing.” After hearing Dave Stone’s 2011 sermon, Levi and Lori White held on to the truth of Hebrews 12:11 as they paid off $46,000 of debt in 18 months.

Alex and Taylor Calix

“We eliminated seemingly small things like Netflix, but that extra $10 a month is $10 a month towards getting debt paid off.” Alex and Taylor Calix are keeping their eye on the goal to be debt free by 8/18.

Alan and Lynne Landreth

Alan & Lynne Landreth were well on their way to tackling their debt when Dave Stone issued the 8/18 challenge to the congregation in 2011. “We decided to see the challenge as a great timetable for us to be debt free.”

Joe and Lindsey Poe

Joe and Lindsey Poe responded to Dave Stone’s sermon in August 2011 by planning to pay off all debt except for their house. But with God’s help, they also eliminated the debt on their home in less than 7 years. “We never dreamed that we’d be able to have a paid off house and for that we give God all the glory.”

John & Tammi East

“I knew how important being on the same page financially was to building a healthy, successful marriage.” John & Tammi East entered into marriage with a commitment to trust God and His plan for their finances. Now they are on track to have all debt paid off except their mortgage by August 2018.

David & Sharon McCarty

Persevering through all the challenges was worth it to David & Sharon McCarty as they completed their seven-year journey to be debt-free. “It feels so good to be out from under the weight of it. It is so freeing to not owe anyone.”

Bill and Linda Graves

Bill and Linda Graves took seriously the 8/18 seven-year challenge to become debt free. Greater financial margin has brought more opportunities to serve God and fulfill His purposes for their lives. “That’s why it’s important for us to pay off all our bills, because we can take that money and actually do good for other people.”


Multiple Dates
Starting on Feb, 17

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University

Financial Peace University (FPU) provides biblically based, practical steps to get from where you are to where you've dreamed you could be. We all need a plan for our money and that's why FPU is for everyone - from the financially secure to the financially distressed. You will learn how to manage your resources, spend and save wisely, get rid of debt, and much more!

Metro Christian Legal Aid

Multiple Dates
Starting on Feb, 20

Metro Christian Legal Aid Clinic

Metro Christian Legal Aid provides Christ-centered legal assistance to those in need. No appointment needed and walk-ins are welcome. For more information, visit mcla.org.

Career Transitions:
Workshop Series

Recurring Event
Wed. • Feb. 20
ATCR 209

Career Transitions: Workshop Series

This series of workshops will address the spiritual and practical challenges of a job transition season and will equip you for what lies ahead. Whether you are unemployed or anticipating a career transition, get the tools you need to find meaningful work that utilizes your God-given gifts.

& Marriage

Recurring Event
Wed. • Feb. 20
ATCR 207

Money & Marriage

Money can be one of the greatest sources of tension and conflict in marriage. By handling money God's way, you can build lasting intimacy instead of creating more distance. This 3-week study will give you practical tools and clear takeaways to help you communicate more effectively and get on the same page about money.

Multiple Dates
Starting on Feb, 23

Estate Planning Seminar

Design your legacy to pass on your values, not just your valuables. Learn about estate planning and how to establish a living trust for you and your family.

Recurring Event
Wed. • Mar. 13
ATCR 207

Kingdom Advisors

Join us each month for in-depth training and be connected to a tight-knit community of Christian financial professionals desiring to integrate their faith with their practice.

Generous Living Programs

Helping you take your next step.

No matter where you are in your stewardship journey, we offer groups, classes, seminars, and events that will help you grow into the steward God wants you to be. Explore a full list of the groups offered at various times throughout the year.

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Second Wednesdays • 7:30 - 9:00 a.m. • ATCR 207

Join us each month for in-depth training and be connected to a tight-knit community of Christian financial professionals desiring to integrate their faith with their practice. Come be encouraged in your faith and inspired in your purpose and calling.

Find out how you can get involved.

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Sometimes we need a little help making a plan for our finances.

We offer free, confidential, one-on-one Financial Coaching to anyone at Southeast Christian Church. Whether you’re just getting started with a budget, looking to develop a savings plan, or seeking guidance on eliminating debt, our experienced team of financial coaches are trained to help you apply Biblical financial principles to your daily life.

  • How to create a budget that works
  • How to become debt-free
  • How to plan for an emergency
  • How to fund retirement and education
  • How to honor God with your finances

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Bringing hope to those in need.

The Generous Living Stewardship Ministry provides spiritual and practical support to Southeast Christian Church members who are in need of financial assistance. Members may meet confidentially one-on-one with staff or a trained peer counselor who will review their financial situation. Financial assistance may be offered as decided by our benevolence team. Additionally, we can provide counsel and assistance to non-members when referred by a Southeast member who is actively involved in the church and sacrificially involved serving the person in need.

In order to be considered for assistance, you must complete and submit the request form below, and call to schedule an appointment.

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Career Transitions

Are you experiencing or considering a career transition? Come receive encouragement and assistance in a Christ-centered environment. Our focus is to help job seekers stay connected to God and trust His plan in their job search.

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Generous Living is not just a ministry to equip you, but it’s also an opportunity for you to disciple others by helping people take the next step on their journey of stewardship. There are many ways to get involved. We want to connect you to an area of service where God can most effectively use your gifts and talents.

To get started, review and complete both the General Volunteer Application and Generous Living Volunteer Application. Once completed you can mail, email, or drop them off at one of our campus Connection Centers.


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