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Customize your homepage. Select modules from the right to appear on your homepage. Don't forget to create an account or login to save your module settings.

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Customize your homepage. Select modules from the right to appear on your homepage. Don't forget to create an account or login to save your module settings.

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Website 101

Packed with tons of new and exciting features, our new website will keep you better informed and enhance your experience as you keep up with all that's going on at Southeast.

From a customizable homepage, to our theme engine, this site has been built with YOU in mind.

Customize Homepage
Our new homepage has several customization options. You can add your own Ministry modules, and even organize modules under multiple tabs.

To add modules, go to the homepage and click on the Add Stuff button in the top right. The Add Stuff button only shows up on the homepage. Once you click Add Stuff, you can scroll down and choose any of the modules listed. Within each module are additional tabs with even more information. These modules allow you to get a snapshot of each Ministry without even entering their section of the site. Quick and easy access to the information you need.

Once you have added modules on to your page, you can then arrange them any way you like. Simply click and drag the top area of any module to move it around your page to sort modules to your liking.

If you want to organize your modules even more, you can choose to add multiple tabs. It's like having multiple homepages with different modules on each. To add tabs, click the Add Tab button next to the Home button. You can then name your tabs and then click Add Stuff once again and begin to add more modules underneath your tabs. If you're a family, each person can have their own tab. Or maybe you just want to organize modules based on Ministries you're involved in. The options are unlimited.

To make your experience even more exciting and personalized, we have built a theme engine which will allow any user to select a custom look for the site. To view our themes, click the Change Theme button in the top right anywhere within the site. You can scroll through all our themes and select the one you like. We will be adding more themes as time goes by, so keep checking back to see our new additions.

Once you have selected your modules and picked your theme, log in to save your settings. Once you log in, your themes and modules will be saved to your account. This will allow you to revisit the page on any computer and see your modules and theme once you log into your account.

Once you log in you can also access your online giving information and sign up for events seamlessly. You may also update your account information by clicking on your name in the top left of the screen once you log in. It's that easy.

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Have questions, need to report an issue, or just want to leave some feedback? Contact us via our web contact form or shoot us an email at webmaster@secc.org.

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