SE!KIDS University

Preschool Connection - Sunday 10:45 AM

(Sunday - 5TH GRADE ONLY - Registration Required)

Ever wonder how the Preschool Ministry at Southeast teaches such big stories to such little kids? David & Goliath, Peter & John, Ruth & Naomi??? In this class, students will learn what happens in Preschool at Southeast and will study stories from the Bible and discover exciting ways they can share them with younger kids. As part of this class, students will partner with the Preschool Ministry to present a lesson one weekend.

Talking to God

(Sunday - 3rd-5th Grade Only - Registration Required)

Students will discuss who, what, when, where, why, and how as they each relate to prayer. We'll provide children with the opportunity to participate in a prayer walk. Kids will be encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and trust an all-powerful God to answer big, bold prayers!

Manhood Journey - Manhood Myths

(Sunday - 3rd-5th Grade BOYS ONLY - Registration Required)

Get oriented to five key areas of Biblical manhood - the five "big rocks" that every guy should have for their journey. We'll discuss the idea that a godly man: trusts the Lord, prays fervently, studies God's word, builds relationships and serves others. We'll have space for a limited number of dads each week.

Girl Talk!

(Sunday - 3rd-5th Grade GIRLS ONLY - Registration Required)

God created us uniquely. Discover your inner feminine beauty and the way He wired you. We will learn from the Bible's timeless story the how to navigate the challenges we face today. Friendships, appearance, conversations, family, and more. We'll have space for a limited number of moms each week.

Digging Deeper - Saturday 6:30 PM or Sunday 10:45 AM

(Saturday - 3rd-5th Grade - No Registration Required)

(Sunday - 3rd-5th Grade - No Registration Required)

In this class, students will Dig Deeper into the scripture presented during worship. They will unpack how to apply scripture to real life through discussions, hands-on activities, and scripture memorization. Any child not registered for a SE!Kids University elective will attend this class.