Journey of Parenting

Whether you have a new baby or a teenager moving into college age years...being a parent is the greatest job in the world AND the most terrifying. You are never sure whether you are doing a great job or a lousy job. Feeling inadequate & unequipped is what describes most parents! Do you want your kids to open up? Do you want to be your kid's champions? Do you want tensions to dissolve? Do you want communication to increase? Do you want your kids to begin living out your family values AND to assume responsibility for their livelihood? Journey of Parenting will equip you with the biblical tools to disciple your kids & raise them in such a way that they leave your home with an authentic faith of their own. It's a MUST for EVERY PARENT!

Blankenbaker Campus
Journey of Parenting
  • Wednesday,
    Sep 14,
    @ 6:30 PM

Ange Tims
(502) 253-8475