Estate Planning Seminar

Saturday • February 25 • 9:30-11:00 a.m. • Blankenbaker Campus • ATCR 206

Design your legacy—pass on your values, not just your valuables.

Learn about estate planning and how to establish a living trust for you and your family. Financial Planning Ministry, a partner of Southeast Christian Church, will assist you in designing your personal estate plan and will create all necessary documents at no cost.

Designing Your Legacy allows you to:

Pass on your values. Preparing for the future reflects good stewardship and protects the things that mean the most to you

Save yourself and your beneficiaries time and money. Establishing a living trust saves your loved ones unnecessary expenses by eliminating probate.

• Have peace of mind. In your legacy plan, you can ensure your desires on medical decisions, guardianship of your minor children, and distribution of your valuables will be fulfilled. Your instructions are legally binding and guaranteed to be followed.

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About Financial Planning Ministry

Financial Planning Ministry provides estate planning services, including the creation of wills and living trusts. Serving the Christian community for over 30 years, FPM provides stewardship and estate planning seminars and assists individuals in the creation of their personal estate plan. Your personal estate plan is prepared at no cost through Southeast Christian Church’s partnership with FPM.