Open Your Home

Beginning the Week of February 18 • In Homes

Love Where You Are groups are on the horizon, beginning the week of February 18 and running six weeks. Whether you have led a group or simply hosted by opening your home, our hope is that you will see this as an opportunity to get to know some folks in your neighborhood and to learn from our pastors, ways in which you can grow in faith and relationships.

The title of the series is "Fixed". Each week there will be a message, testimonies, and study questions to inspire us in our calling to love God and love others. The weekly sermons will also be sharing the same themes.

This is a great time of renewal and challenge for all believers. Live on mission outside our campus walls by opening your home to neighbors for a weekly gathering with video teaching and group discussion.

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If you would like us to order a hard copy of the curriculum for you to use this cycle, please make sure to select yes and if you have any problems renewing past members, please work with your Community Pastor.

Thank you for your continued commitment to connecting others to Jesus and one another by loving where you are!