Refugee Outreach Opportunity

May-September • Greece and Italy

Beginning this May, be part of an 8-week trip to Greece and Italy, where thousands of refugees continue to pour in from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries, fleeing war and violence at home. You will work among the refugees, helping them and sharing the Gospel with them.


If you are interested in this trip, email or call 502-253-8159.

An information meeting will be held on February 27 at 7:30 p.m. at the Blankenbaker Campus.



To find out more about how we can best serve refugees in our city, or to help financially, call 502.253.8360. 




Who: Adults

What: 6-8 week missions experience to serve refugees in southern Europe

When: May-September

Where: Catania, Italy or Athens, Greece

Why: There is a brief window of opportunity to impact refugees as they flee devastation and pursue the promise of stability. People can be more open to the hope of the Gospel in times of transition and instability. This is one of those times! Develop your ability to share the Gospel, in community and on mission.



• Opportunities to impact refugees’ lives

• Initial stages of culture shock

• Incarnational ministry—long hours, relationally intense and rewarding

• Cross-cultural communication

• Pre-field training and debrief

• Spiritual challenge and growth



• Be in good health (most projects require physical activity)

• Previous cross-cultural experience is highly recommended

• 20 years of age or older

• HS graduate

• Raise $2500 to subsidize the expense of the trip

• Member of Southeast for at least 1 year

• Acceptance through Southeast application process