Summer of Connection

Summer 2017

As a church family, let's make this Summer count for the Kingdom by making Christ-centered connections in our community.

Each week, beginning the week of June 11, we're challenging our church family to take part in activities that will help us better engage in our neighborhoods.

WEEK 1: Walk through your neighborhood or around your block at least two nights this week, praying (by name, if possible) for your neighbors.

WEEK 2: Learn the names of the neighbors to your left and right.

WEEK 3: Bake cookies or brownies and deliver them to a neighbor or coworker this week.

WEEK 4: Invite a friend or neighbor over for dinner one night this week.

WEEK 5: Write an encouraging note this week…and hand-deliver it.

WEEK 6: Set up a free popsicle (or lemonade or ice water) stand in your neighborhood.

WEEK 7: This week, perform a random act of kindness (move your neighbor’s trash can, pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru, mow an elderly neighbor’s lawn, etc.).

WEEK 8: After church today, don’t go to lunch alone; grab someone that you serve with and go to lunch together.

WEEK 9: Find a creative way to thank a service provider (postal worker, waste collector, lawn care, etc.) this week.