SE!KIDS Online - September 26/27

September 26, 2020

Here we go! Turn up the volume and get ready to sing, learn, and laugh…it’s SE!KIDS Online!

Did you know that Jesus once cooked breakfast for His friends? And you’ll never believe what He cooked. It wasn’t pancakes…it wasn’t biscuits and gravy…not bacon and eggs. It was fish! This weekend, we’ll learn how that breakfast was a huge moment for the friendship between Jesus and Peter.

And we’ve got a fun @Home Challenge for your family. As you put together a puzzle, you and your kids will be learning this month’s Bible verse. Download all the information below. 

And if you're watching the livestream of "Big Church" with your family, be sure to check out the ideas file for a great color sheet and other ideas to help keep your kids engaged.

Download @HomeChallenge... PDF
Download BigChurch... PDF

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