Cullen Home Group

Wednesday at 6:30 PM

Brendan and Cindy were married in 1980 and have Five children and 10 grandchildren. Some of them live in Washington DC, Texas and Virginia. Brendan is originally from Ireland and has lived all over the world growing up including boarding school. He permanently moved to the US in 1974 with his parents and the rest is history. Cindy is from Louisville and is 1 of 8 children. Cindy is a family and people person who loves children. Cindy has traveled to most of the places Brendan grew up in to better understand him. Cindy's favorite things are floating in the pool, sitting by the fireplace when it is cold, movies based on true stories and peoples life stories. Brendan enjoys good music, thrillers and mysteries, traveling, photography and Biblical research. Now that we don’t have as many family responsibilities, we are opening our home and lives to those that would like to grow in the LORD with us.