Wagner Women's /// Home Group

Monday at 7:00 PM

Sue is a 63 year young import to Louisville. She is divorced with two grown daughters, one living here and the other living in the D.C. area. Sue is employed by JCPS as a Family Resource Youth Service Center Coordinator. That's a mouthful to say that she acts kind of like a social worker in the building, helping to remove barriers to children's education. Sue is an avid DIY'er and crafter. She enjoys learning new things and having great conversations from all viewpoints. She also loves audio books. Sue graduated from a faith based high school and went on to spend two years at David Lipscomb University in Nashville. She then moved to Florida and graduated from USF. She loves to study the Bible and learn more about the world around scripture. She believes what the Bible teaches is the priority and human opinion is a distant second. She also believes and desires to have a group where people can come together to discuss and share their perceptions from the Bible to gain greater clarity for everyone. This Group is open to both in person and zoom option.