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All ages and stages of life Co-ed, Why We Believe What We Believe / Ryle & Lawson

Sunday at 5:30 PM

We are going to explore 40 different questions about our faith and how to have these conversations with others. We will use the book “Keeping Your Kids on God’s Side” by Natasha Crain. While this book is marketed to parents, the content is relevant to all adults and conversations about faith in any setting. We will be discussing common questions around faith and how we can answer them for ourselves and in conversations with others. For example, have you ever wondered why there were so many denominations? Do your co-workers ask you why your God allows evil and suffering? Do your children ask you about creation or evolution? We hope to prepare you for these conversations and much more! This group is led by Madison and Cristy Ryle & Stephen and Camille Lawson.
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