Freedom from Emotional Eating

Do you eat when you’re bored? Or when you're worried or stressed out? Is it something you do for fun or to avoid doing something else? If so...the truth will set you free! In this Bible study, you’ll get hands-on experience with taking off the lies that make you overeat and putting on the truth that will set you free from the control of food. Through daily Bible studies and practical renewing-of-the-mind tools such as truth journaling and Scripture prayers, you’ll develop a habit of going to God rather than food for help with life. This group will meet on Thursdays, October 13-December 15 from 12:30-2:30 p.m. (breaking for Thanksgiving). This is a book-led study, and the book is available for purchase through Amazon.

Thursdays 12:30 PM
Starting: Oct 13
Southwest Classroom