About Kyle

Senior Pastor Kyle Idleman is a bestselling Christian author and speaker. He’s most widely known for his award-winning book, not a fan., which has sold more than 1.3 million copies and has sparked a movement among believers to ditch being fans of Jesus and become completely committed followers instead. Other successful titles include Don’t Give Up, Grace Is Greater, the end of me, AHA, and gods at war. Kyle has also partnered with City on a Hill Studio to produce video resources for his books, as well as feature-length films, such as The Song, The Easter Experience, and The Christmas Experience.

A graduate of Ozark Christian College, his full-time ministry began as a church planter in Los Angeles. In 2003, he joined the staff of Southeast Christian Church, serving alongside Bob Russell and Dave Stone. In 2019, Kyle became the Senior Pastor at Southeast Christian, a megachurch located in the Louisville, Kentucky area.
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You can connect with Kyle each Sunday on SE Online, the live streaming ministry of Southeast Christian Church, or on social media.


Don’t Give Up

Don’t Give Up explores the seasons of life where we feel as if we are hanging by a thread. In these times, we can cast our concerns on God, trust in His love and timing, pray for patience and strength, and seek out support in the family of God.

Grace Is Greater

Grace Is Greater reassures us that God’s grace is bigger than our mistakes, our failures, our desire for revenge, and our seemingly impossible situations. No sin is so great, no bitterness so deep that God’s grace cannot transform the heart and rewrite the story.

the end of me

the end of me explores the idea that the key to the abundant life Jesus promised lies in embracing His inside-out way of life. In Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, He teaches us that brokenness is the way to wholeness, mourning is the path to blessing, and emptiness is required in order to know true fullness.


AHA focuses on awakening moments in our spiritual lives. In these moments, we awake to the reality of our true spiritual condition, we see ourselves and our need for a Savior with renewed honesty, and this realization leads to action, obeying God’s commands and following the example set by Christ.

gods at war

We’ve all struggled with the idols of money, sex, success, food, and romance. gods at war clears away the cultural baggage of the 21st century to expose these gods for what they are—rivals to our unhindered devotion to Christ.

not a fan.

not a fan. asks you the simple question—Are you a fan of Jesus, or a follower? The dictionary defines a fan as “an enthusiastic admirer.” Fans want to be close enough to Jesus to get all the benefits, but not so close that it requires sacrifice. But Jesus calls us to be more, to be followers, no matter the costs.


“Kyle knows where we live and where we could live with God’s help. His words are, at once, profound and practical. He is committed to helping us move in the right direction. If you need a helping hand in your journey, he will point you to the right Person.”

Max Lucado

“A wise, mature person is known for his understanding. The more pleasant his words, the more persuasive he is. Kyle is one of today’s great young teachers. He’s a brilliant, compassionate, and thoughtful communicator who presents the truth of Scripture in a fresh, relevant, and persuasive way.”

Rick Warren

“Kyle will challenge even the most obedient Christians to re-look at their relationship with Christ.”

Mike Huckabee

“Like his preaching, Kyle’s writings will bring you face-to-face with areas you need to change and the One who has the power to change you.”

Dave Stone

“Fresh, insightful, practical―Kyle’s writing and teaching are helping countless people. I’m thrilled with how God is using him to challenge and encourage both Christians and those who are checking out the faith. Count me among his many fans!”

Lee Strobel

AHA outlines Biblical transformation and how it works in a simple yet profound way. Do you want to change, improve, or grow? You must get this book!”

Mark Batterson