Awaken Worship Overview

Awaken Worship represents the music ministry of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. Our mission is to awaken generations to the glory of God through music, worship, and creativity. Each song is an extension of the heart of our church and all God is doing in and through our people. We hope this music will encourage, resource, and connect you with Jesus.

Meet the Team

Matt Bayless

Worship Arts Lead Pastor

Sara Rodriguez

Worship Arts Administrative Assistant

Sam Woodberry

Blankenbaker Associate Worship Leader

BT Pickett

Blankenbaker Worship Ministry Leader

Merryll Loy

Blankenbaker Associate Worship Leader

Taylor Barton

Indiana Campus Worship Leader

Byron Aram

Crestwood Campus Worship Leader

Bryce Osborne

Southwest Campus Worship Leader

Chris Jackson

La Grange Campus Worship Leader

Aaron Lee

Elizabethtown Campus Worship Leader

Ben Sullivan

River Valley Campus Worship Leader

Anna Houze

Blankenbaker Campus Associate Worship Leader

Lindsay Buege

Bullitt County Campus Worship Leader

Luke Reinhart

Worship Ministry Resident


Broke The Grave

Rooted in the ministry, teaching, and life-change taking place at Southeast; Broke The Grave celebrates the victory we’ve found in Christ. Recording a live album during a global pandemic had its challenges, but it also afforded our team a unique opportunity to truly worship for an audience of one. We pray these songs encourage your heart to do the same.

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Won’t Stay Silent

Won’t Stay Silent is a collection of songs that articulate the life and heartbeat of Southeast Christian Church. Each song has a deep connection with a personal story and/or a specific season of life. We hope your story will intersect with the words of each song in a transformational way.

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Christ Has Won

Christ Has Won was recorded live in 2017 at the Blankenbaker Campus of Southeast Christian Church. It is a collection of songs from both our Adult and Next Gen worship ministries. We have watched countless individuals rally around these songs. They have truly become anthems and heart songs for our church family.

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