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Justin and Ashley Weece have a heart for the people of Maine to experience the fullness of life offered only through the love of Jesus. Learn more about the Weece family's story and our newest church plant here.

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Counterculture Church

Location: Portland, OR

Lead Planters: Jesse Lusko

Launch Date: September 2023

We are for this city and we are here to serve the common good. To love our neighbors, love our enemies, and love the poor in the name of Jesus. Community instead of isolation, expectation instead of cynicism, and resilience instead of indifference. We don’t have all the solutions, but we aren’t content with the status quo. In an age of compromise, we need a counterculture.


Rū Tampa

Location: Tampa, FL

Lead Planters: Isaac Frere

Launch Date: September 2023

Our vision is a city vision. Rū is short for the word “Ruah” which means Spirit. We are Rū Tampa because our vision is to see the city filled with people filled with the Spirit of God.


Refuge Church

Location: Ojai, CA

Lead Planters: Kyle Costello

Launch Date: September 2023

We exist to take the whole Jesus to the whole person.


Oasis City Church

Location: Boise, ID

Lead Planters: Landon Hairgrove

Launch Date: February 2023

We see a church that truly is an oasis for people. A place of refreshing, hope, healing, and renewal for the city of Boise. People who have been trying to find their own way will come to know that Jesus is The Way as they encounter God in our weekend services, find authentic community in life groups, and start to discover God’s purpose for their life as they grow in their knowledge of God and service to the community around them.


City Coast Church

Location: Fairfield, CT

Lead Planters: Charlie Welke

Launch Date: October 2022

We are a faith community pursuing beauty, freedom, justice, love, peace and truth in Fairfield County, Connecticut


The House

Location: Ferguson, MO

Lead Planters: Lenny Barber

Launch Date: September 2022

In our church, we bring people into the family through a relationship with Jesus and each other.


So Flo Church

Location: West Palm Beach, FL

Lead Planters: Jamie Snyder

Launch Date: September 2022

We are serious about loving people. Love is not something we talk about, but something we do. We are ready and willing to scuff up our shoes, roll up our sleeves, empty out our wallets, clear off our calendars, and leap outside of our comfort zones; all in the name of love. And we do believe love has a name. Jesus.


Agapé City Church

Location: Holland, MI

Lead Planters: Bo Harrington

Launch Date: September 2022

Creating a community where Love leads. LOVE GOD. LOVE PEOPLE. SERVE ALL.


History Makers Church

Location: Miami, FL

Lead Planters: Terrence Mullins

Launch Date: February 2022

God has an incredible plan for your life his story has always been about you. To see you: HOLY, HEALTHY, HAPPY AND LIVING HEAVEN ON EARTH!


Hope City Church

Location: Fayetteville, AR

Lead Planters: Adam Berry

Launch Date: February 2022

Hope City is a church for the unchurched who helps people experience Jesus in a way that will change their lives and impact generations with His hope.


New City Church

Location: Oakland, CA

Lead Planters: Gabe Garcia

Launch Date: October 2021

Our Mission is Simple: As a gospel-centered, multi-generational, multiethnic church, we aim to lead everyday people to a joy filled life in Jesus.


Kainos Church

Location: Portland, OR

Lead Planters: Jake Nagy

Launch Date: October 2021

A community of home-churches in the East Portland Metro finding fresh and fulfilled life in Jesus.


Reunion Church

Location: Manhattan, NY

Lead Planters: Russell Rader

Launch Date: September 2021

Reunion is a non-denominational Christian Church in Downtown Manhattan — Union Square. It is our longing to see our city transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a community, we seek to embody and communicate the love and truth of Jesus in a way that is tangible and welcoming for all.


Hopeville Church

Location: Baltimore, MD

Lead Planters: Joshua Symonette

Launch Date: September 2021

Our Dream: To see God’s love unleashed in you for the flourishing of Baltimore and beyond Our Flow: Following Jesus - Growing in Maturity - Serving our Neighbors Our Culture: Cross Cultural- Generosity - Authenticity - Holy Ambition - Curiosity


Accelerate Church

Location: Camden, NJ

Lead Planters: Ernest Grant

Launch Date: September 2021

There's always a "why" behind the "what"; and for us, it's Jesus! He's the reason we gather for worship, cultivate relationships, serve passionately, and do all we do!


Beacon Church

Location: Derry, NH

Lead Planters: Calvin Daly

Launch Date: September 2021

Beacon Christian Church is an independent Christian Church located in Southern NH.


City Church OTR

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Lead Planters: Chris Marlin

Launch Date: September 2020

We are a church for everyone. A church for the young and the young at heart. A church for singles and couples. A church for the economically advantaged and disadvantaged. A church for Cincinnati’s present and future leaders. We love family. We're on mission to cultivate the kind of family Jesus introduced to the world. You'll experience our authentic community on Sunday mornings and in our House Groups that meet weekly throughout the Cincinnati area.


Community Church

Location: Babylon, NY

Lead Planters: Lou Pizzichillo

Launch Date: January 2020

We're a church for people who don’t go to church. For us, that means you can belong before you believe and you've got permission to be in progress.


Generations Church

Location: Vancouver, WA

Lead Planters: Kyle Davies

Launch Date: October 2019

We are a community of everyday people who are committed to expanding God’s family together because of Jesus for generations to come. As a church in Vancouver, Washington we desire to work for the good of all who live, work, and play in this great city. We can't, we won't, and we don't want to do this alone. We want to do this with you. No matter where you've been or what you've done, we want you to know that you haven't been forgotten by God. In fact, your story matters!


SLO City Church

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Lead Planters: Brent Bramer

Launch Date: September 2019

Hope in the Heart of the Central Coast. We believe that through Jesus, there is hope for everyone.


The Gathering Harlem

Location: Harlem, NY

Lead Planters: Kenny Hart

Launch Date: September 2017

WE ARE A CHURCH FOR THE UNCHURCHED God has called us to be a family that's all about people meeting Jesus. We are less concerned about maintaining the nets of tradition and more concerned about people having a life altering encounter with Jesus and experiencing His love for them. We started this church for people who believe in God but don't believe in church.


Epiphany Church

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Lead Planters: Brandon Watts

Launch Date: March 2016

Epiphany Church is a multi-ethnic church plant in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, NY. We are a local church learning what it means to follow Jesus in a complex city.