Upcoming U.S. Church Plant Launches

Long Island Project

Location: Long Island, NY

Lead Planters: Louis Pizzichillo

Launch Date: Spring 2020

Louis Pizzichillo and his team, in affiliation with Orchard Group, will lead the Babylon/Long Island Project with a launch goal of Spring 2020. The most populous island in the nation and one of the most populous in the world is also among the least-churched with only one church for every 4,300 people compared to the U.S. average of one church for every 800 people. Pastor Pizzichillo, a native of Long Island, spent most of his life resisting God but has returned to his home with a call to plant a church. “We want the people of Long Island to understand God as a Father who is radically in love with his children and the Savior who will stop at nothing to win their hearts.”


Manhattan Project

Location: Manhattan, NY

Lead Planters: Russel Rader

Launch Date: Fall 2020

Russel Rader, along with Orchard Group, will launch Manhattan Project in the Union Square area of Manhattan in the Fall of 2020. With only 5 % of New Yorkers attending a gospel-centered church, Rader and his team hope to help young professionals, tech entrepreneurs and college students who are lonely, overworked and lacking community to realize their true identity in Jesus Christ.


Current U.S. Church Plants

Bay City Church

Location: San Francisco, CA

Lead Planters: Eddie Williams

Launch Date: September 2018

From the NFL to church planting, Pastor Eddie Williams launched Bay City Church in September of 2018 in affiliation with Orchard Group. The primary mission field is the Bayview/Hunter's Point/Dogpatch neighborhoods which contain the last 3% of undeveloped land in the city. As people move into this region, the church wants to be a catalyst in helping people transition into this rapidly-growing area.


Church of the City

Location: Portland, OR

Lead Planters: Russell Clum

Launch Date: January 2015

Russell Clum, in affiliation with Christian Evangelistic Association, launched this church in the heart of Portland in January of 2015. While focusing on downtown Portland and the surrounding inner neighborhoods, they are creating a neighborhood of Gospel communities in downtown Portland.


Collective Church

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Lead Planters: Lorenzo Smith

Launch Date: September 2015

Lorenzo Smith, in affiliation with Orchard Group, has been called to reach the west side of Los Angeles which encompasses approximately 530,000 people in the Culver City/Santa Monica area. Their mission is to be a church that makes a difference for Jesus by discipling, equipping, mobilizing and sending "westsiders" to be salt and light in their neighborhoods.


CU Christian Church

Location: Champagne, IL

Lead Planters: Jason Epperson

Launch Date: December 2017

Pastor Jason Epperson and his team launched CU Church with a vision of creating a praying community where the Gospel of Jesus transforms lives, renews the city and impacts the world. The church is located near the University of Illinois, which educates one of the highest percentages of international students of any university in the country.


Delaware Christian Church

Location: Wilmington, DE

Lead Planters: Marcos Mercado

Launch Date: April 2018

Pastor Marcos Mercado has fulfilled a vision to see a new church emerge in the heart of Wilmington, the largest city in Delaware. Wilmington is a diverse city with 56% African American, 31% Caucasian and a significant population of Hispanic and Asian residents. With the city's high crime rate and 53% of the population claiming no religious affiliation. Mercado plans to target the Trolley Square neighborhood, a vibrant area with close proximity to the harsh realities of urban life.


Epiphany Church

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Lead Planters: Brandon Watts

Launch Date: March 2016

Brandon Watts, in affiliation with Orchard Group, launched Epiphany Church in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn in March of 2016. The rapid growning church currently meets during three services Sunday mornings and in weekly Bible studies in an effort to reach this diverse population made up of over 80% minorities, the majority of whom do not know Jesus.


Foundry Church

Location: Baltimore, MD

Lead Planters: Scott Ancarrow

Launch Date: September 2013

Scott Ancarrow and his staff, in association with Orchard Group, planted Foundry Church in the Federal Hill area of Baltimore in October of 2013. The population in this area of Baltimore encompasses a broad range of socio-economic and ethnic ranges. Foundry hopes to reach this diverse group of people as they have reloacted to a permanent venue in a historic church in the Federal Hill area.


Generations Church

Location: Vancouver, WA

Lead Planters: Kyle Davies

Launch Date: October 2019

Kyle Davies an his staff, in conjunction with Christian Evangelistic Association, launched Generation Church in October 2019. In their target area with only nine Bible-believing churches, 90% of people have no relationship with Jesus or His church. “We are everyday people who are committed to expanding God’s family for generations to come. We want to cultivate lasting relationships, helping others discover how Jesus shapes our identity, our past, and our future rather than being defined by others or ourselves.”


Icon Church

Location: Seattle, WA

Lead Planters: Justin Anderson

Launch Date: September 2019

Pastor Anderson, in affiliation with Orchard Group, launched Icon Church in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle in September of 2019. They hope to reach a diverse and exciting group of talented and motivated people who are moving to the area as part of the technology industry. “The nation and the nations are coming to Seattle with the intention of changing the world through technology, but we know that the only way to change the world is through the Gospel.”


Intrepid Christian Church

Location: Seattle, WA

Lead Planters: James Floyd

Launch Date: October 2015

James Floyd and his staff, in affiliation with Christian Evangelistic Association, launched Intrepid Chruch in the Gig Harbor area of Seattle in October of 2015. Their goal is to reach people who have no interest in church and are living without the hope of Jesus Christ.


Miami Church

Location: Miami, FL

Lead Planters: Greg Ingram

Launch Date: September 2015

Greg Ingram, in association with Orchard Group, launched a vibrant church in the Coconut Grove area of Miami in September of 2015. Their desire is to catalyze a church planting movement in the city as they create a community that mirrors the diversity of Miami.


Mosaic Christian Church

Location: Baltimore, MD

Lead Planters: Carl Kuhl

Launch Date: September 2008

Carl Kuhl and his staff, in association with Orchard Group, planted Mosaic in the Arundel Mills area, a suburban area on the south side of Baltimore. Mosaic meets during two Sunday services in their new worship venue in Elkridge.


Movement Christian Church

Location: Merrimack, NH

Lead Planters: Josh Adsit and Mark Papp

Launch Date: October 2009

Josh Adsit and Mark Papp, in affiliation with Restoration House, launched Movement Christian Church in Merrimack, New Hampshire on January 1, 2017. Merrimack, with its 30,000 people and over 97% unchurched, is located between two major cities of Manchester and Nashua. Since launch, Movement Church has experienced rapid growth in attendance.


OceanPointe Christian Church

Location: Newport, RI

Lead Planters: Jeff Stalnaker

Launch Date: April 2014

Jeff and Rachel Stalnaker, in association with Restoration House Ministries, lauched OcianPointe on Aquidneck Island in April of 2014. The island consists of three cities: Newport, Middletown, and Portsmoth, RI. Jeff and his staff are already reaching many of the 62,000 residents on the island, 98% of whom do not attend a church.


Redemption Church

Location: San Francisco, CA

Lead Planters: Chris Davis

Launch Date: February 2014

Redemption Church, in association with Orchard Group, was launched in the heart of the densely populated city of San Francisco in February of 2014. This church seeks to reach the 94 percent of unchurched people in San Francisco, many of whom are finding their identity in everything except God. Redemption is located in the Haight-Ashbury‎ area of San Francisco.


Renaissance Church

Location: West Harlem, NY

Lead Planters: Jordan Rice

Launch Date: October 2014

Jordan Rice, in association with Orchard Group, launched Renaissance Church in the West Harlem community of New York City. Renaissance is a multi-cultural church that transcends ethnic and socio-economic barriers and builds a community of people who love God totally and follow Christ radically. It currently meets for worship in a local public school.


Renewal Church of Chicago

Location: Chicago, IL

Lead Planters: Derrick Puckett

Launch Date: September 2014

Derrick Puckett, in association with Orchard Group, planted Renewal Church in the Humbolt Park area of Chicago in September of 2014. Having grown up near Chicago, the Puckett's are answering God's call to unite Chicago through a movement of churches who believe in the power of the Gospel.


Restoration Church

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Lead Planters: A.J. Smith

Launch Date: March 2015

Restoration Church, in association with Orchard Group, launched in the North Philadelphia area in March of 2015. A high density, urbanized community, the area is 78% African American with a rapidly-growing Hispanic population. Pastor Smith and his staff seek to be agents of change through a growing relationship with Jesus and one another.


Revolution Christian Church

Location: Annapolis, MD

Lead Planters: Kenny Camacho

Launch Date: October 2010

Revolution Church, in association with Orchard Group and Stadia, launched in the downtown area of Annapolis in 2010. Annapolis is home to many diverse population groups, all living in close proximity to one another. Revolution meets during two services at Germantown Elementary School.


SLO City Church

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

Lead Planters: Brent Bramer

Launch Date: September 2019

Brent Bramer, former youth pastor at Southeast’s Crestwood Campus, launched SLO City Church in San Luis Obispo in September of 2019. SLO is a city of college students, business owners, young families and retirees, in which only 6-10% of the residents attend church and nearly one-third of the population are “nones,” people who have no religious affiliation whatsoever. The Bramer’s mission is to help create an awakening to the hope and transformational love of Jesus and to see the never-churched encounter the goodness of God.


The Gathering Church

Location: Central Harlem, NY

Lead Planters: Kenneth Hart

Launch Date: September 2017

Lead pastor and Harlem native Kenneth Hart, in association with Orchard Group, launched The Gathering in Central Harlem in September of 2017. Hart's vision is for a church that is ethnically diverse, socially conscious, and gospel-saturated. The Gathering’s mission is to build bridges that will unify a racially and socioeconomically divided Central Harlem community under the banner of Jesus Christ.


Thrive Church

Location: Lake Nona, Florida (near Orlando)

Lead Planters: Greg Marksberry

Launch Date: December 2016

Greg Marksberry, in association with Orchard Group, launched Thrive Church in the Lake Nona area of Orlando in December of 2016. This community, which has become a premier global health care research and education center, is expected to triple in population over the next ten years with a demographic mirroring the diversity of U.S.


Current International Church Plants

Pro Deo Church

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Lead Planters: Louis Scheepers

Launch Date: February 2017

Louis Scheepers, in affiliation with Orchard Group, launched Pro Deo Church in February of 2017. It is estimated that only 2-8% of people are involved in church. Pro Deo Church hopes to reach many of Cape Town’s diverse population of 3.7 million who speak eleven official languages and encompass many different tribes and races.


City Church

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Lead Planters: Femi Osunnuyi

Launch Date: March 2017

Femi Osunnuyi, in association with Orchard Group, launched City Church in Lagos in March of 2017. Having grown up in the heart of Lagos, Femi has answered the call to launch the church in this megacity of over 20 million, the most influential and most populous city in Africa. The vision of the church is to reach the professional people who live near the Lagos Island area through biblically-sound teaching and worship.


Eglise Saint-Lazare Church

Location: Paris, France

Lead Planters: Etienne Koning

Launch Date: September 2017

Etienne Koning, in association with Orchard Group, launched Eglise Saint-Lazare Church in Central Paris in September of 2017. The church’s mission is to reach those living in and commuting to Central Paris, making disciples who make disciples.