Respond and Engage

Our city and region are hurting. We know what our communities and world need most right now is prayer. We recognize that members of our communities are hurting deeply from a long history of racism. We know others are still experiencing fear and anxiety as businesses reopen and people start to regather. We need a prayer movement within our church to lift our communities up before God.

We invite you to prayerwalk your neighborhoods or even consider going to another part of your community to prayerwalk.

It's not scary or complicated. You just walk and pray at the same time. Pray over the houses you pass and the neighbors you know—or maybe don’t know yet. Pray over the schools and businesses you pass. Pray that God will be present in their lives and possibly give you opportunities to engage and encourage them.

Here is a quick guide that will give you some more tips on prayerwalking. We would love to join with you as you pray, share a picture or video on social media and use #prayeronthemove to connect with others. 

If you are interested in engaging your community, contact one of our Community Pastors by visiting 

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