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Intentional Interruptions

by Albert Tate – December 15, 2019

At the news of Jesus’ birth, the Magi took intentional time to go to this newborn baby and give the best of themselves to Him. The journey took preparation, it carried with it obstacles and uncertainty, but their intentionality at the news of Jesus moved them to do whatever they needed to- regardless of inconveniences. Culture’s current interpretation of Christmas is one that centers on us- on what we want to receive and what we feel will satisfy us. But instead, we as believers choose to follow the example set through the Magi, of intentionally coming to a baby Jesus regardless of the cost. As they kneeled in worship to Him, they worshipped not because of what He could do for them as a helpless babe, but simply for who He is: the only one who can satisfy the deepest longings of our soul.

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