I Say to Myself

by Kyle Idleman – December 01, 2019

There is something really powerful about what you say to yourself. What we say to ourselves is often what we have decided is truth in our lives. For the writer of Lamentations, the profound sense of loss carried with it the opportunity to either consume or clarify what truly mattered in this life. Circumstances can consume us with everything we don’t have, or clarify that in God we have everything we need to be thankful. Here we see the writer pen these words, “I say to myself, the Lord is my portion therefore I will wait for Him.” This profound statement becomes a bedrock of gratitude for the rest of the chapter. Although much seems lost, the writer has not lost God. Although the timeline doesn’t make sense, God continues to be the author of time. Although portions that were once appreciated are no longer, the only portion needed still stands.

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