Southeast Launches The Brick Room Community Center in Shelbyville

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Southeast Launches The Brick Room Community Center in Shelbyville

On January 1, 2019, Southeast began leasing The Brick Room building at 533 Main Street in Shelbyville, KY. It will serve Shelby County as a community center and meeting place for Man Challenge, women’s Bible studies, and more.

More than 4,000 people in Shelby County consider Southeast their home church. About 85 percent of those people attend the Blankenbaker Campus, but it’s often difficult for them to know one another or participate outside of weekend services. The Brick Room is a way to connect people to one another, but also for them to be more connected to the church. Now they have a local place where they can gather, grow, connect, and serve their community together.

The full-time use of The Brick Room for Southeast is new, but The Brick Room has been serving men in Shelby County for more than two years already. Every Wednesday morning, men from the community have been gathering to go through Man Challenge, where they’re studying the Word and encouraging one another. Now, as The Brick Room launches into a more intensive place for ministry, there are men equipped and ready to lead there.

Community Pastor for Shelby County, Max Semenick, will be holding office hours at The Brick Room and overseeing most of the daily operations there. He and his wife, Sara, have lived and served in Shelby County for four years.

One of the benefits of The Brick Room’s location is that it’s within easy walking distance of several of Southeast’s mission partners in Shelbyville. A Loving Choice, AWAKE Ministries, and Operation Care are all nearby. Whenever community members walk into The Brick Room in need of support, counsel, and assistance, the staff and volunteers will be able to encourage and pray, but also walk them right to the best ministry for their needs.

In the immediate future, there will be two ongoing events available at The Brick Room. Man Challenge meets on Wednesdays, beginning January 16, at 6:00 a.m. A new women’s Bible study group launches on Mondays, beginning January 28, from 9:00-10:30 a.m.

Max would love to see The Brick Room used as a place for people to meet during their lunch breaks, group Bible studies, discipleship meetings, and a general connection point in Shelby County for Southeast members and other churches in the area. To learn more, get involved, or ask questions, contact Max at

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