Here’s to the Moms: Kim

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Here’s to the Moms: Kim

There's just something about being a grandparent. Being a mom is a great thing. Being a gram, being a nana is pretty cool, too. 

Being a grandma, a nana, a grammy, a gigi, whatever role it is, whether it’s a small role or a big role, it’s still important. And praying for your grandkids and your kids—it's one of the most important things we can do.

This Mother’s Day we’re sending love to all kinds of moms!

• Adoptive moms

• Everyday moms

• Expecting moms

• Foster moms

• Working moms

• Moms grieving the loss of a child

• Single moms

• Spiritual moms

• Stay-at-home moms

• Stepmoms

Happy Mother's Day!

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