Here’s to the Moms: Tyia

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Here’s to the Moms: Tyia

Be present no matter how hard things are. Try to enjoy the moments with them because you can’t get them back. I never knew a kid who grew up to say, “Well, my mom didn’t spend much time with me, but our house was really clean.” 

We can get so caught up in the busyness of life, and even for parents like me, that’s even more of a challenge, and so just being present—that’s the most important thing. Understanding the depths of God’s love for me through my love for all three of my children, that's profound to me. It makes me understand how much God loves me as His child.

No matter what decisions we make, or how anybody treats us, our value comes from who our Creator is.

God sees us as priceless—and so if we can get that foundation right, then everything else is so much easier. That’s what I try to work on in my ministry and guiding the moms who I serve and the families I serve. It’s, like, if you can get this right, it makes this life a lot easier.

This Mother’s Day we’re sending love to all kinds of moms!

• Adoptive moms

• Everyday moms

• Expecting moms

• Foster moms

• Working moms

• Moms grieving the loss of a child

• Single moms

• Spiritual moms

• Stay-at-home moms

• Stepmoms

Happy Mother's Day!

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