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SE Online Reaches Thousands

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SE Online Reaches Thousands

Southeast Online

Wherever You Are, We’ll Be There


In June 2019, the church launched Southeast Online, starting a live stream of the Sunday service that broadcasts around the globe. Since the launch, the outpouring of stories has been incredible as we’ve seen what God is doing through this new outlet for sharing the Gospel.

Broadcasting simultaneously from Southeast’s website, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live, a digital community has formed during the online experience between viewers in multiple countries, online pastors, and chat hosts.  

Each Sunday, viewers log in wherever they are, not just to watch a message, but to experience a complete service with hosts, worship, baptisms, and communion. They chat with one another, pray for one another, and grow as believers from wherever they may be.  

One at a Time 

Thousands join in each week from countries all over the map: the United States, Mexico, Germany, Scotland, Australia, India, Kenya, England, Greece, Canada, and many more. Each viewer shows up as a small green dot on a map, but the one-at-a-time stories from each of those green dots are the most exciting part of this new venture.

Online pastors have received prayer requests from missionaries away from home, from elderly viewers who can’t physically get to a church, from moms carrying painful secrets, and much more.  

Viewers from time zones 12 hours away have been able to speak with ministers on call to talk about their own walk with Jesus.  

One time, viewers in Africa voiced that they’d like to connect with a Christ-centered church in their area. The SE Online team worked with Southeast’s Missions ministry, who just happened to have a missionary partner right in the region. Southeast introduced the viewers to the partner, who was able to connect with them and help them plug into a local church.  

Live streaming has not just spread the Gospel beyond the community, but it has allowed a global community to continue the conversation from a Sunday morning into the workweek, with midweek online question-and-answer forums.  

SE Online is more than a weekly viewing experience online. It’s an ongoing, regular gathering for community, encouragement, teaching, and worship. And it’s reaching people around the world with the Gospel. 

Live Streaming occurs each Sunday at 11:30 a.m., with replays at 2:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.  

To see the stream and to share it with others around the world, visit

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