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SE!Kids on a Mission

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SE!Kids on a Mission

Southeast’s kids just made a way for more people to hear the Gospel in India!

Each year, SE!Kids chooses six ministries to emphasize. They focus on each mission for two months—learning about the ministry, praying for its impact, and collecting offerings to provide a physical goal for the mission. 

Months ago, the Blankenbaker Campus 3rd-5th Grade Small Groups Ministry Leader, Cheryll Kimbler, talked to Caleb, our partner with Harvest Ministries in India. She told him that our children’s ministries from all campuses usually raise about $2,000 for each mission project. She wanted to know what tangible thing could be purchased for his ministry for that amount of money. 

He asked her if Southeast’s kids could provide a motorcycle.  

Caleb oversees a team of pastors, and each of them travels to several villages to lead churches and share the Gospel. The villages are often far apart and the roads are difficult to navigate. When the pastors have a motorcycle, they can travel quickly and safely from village to village. They can spend more time preaching the Gospel and equipping the believers! 

Cheryll felt confident that Southeast’s preschool and elementary kids could raise the funds for a motorcycle during their two-month focus on Harvest Ministries.  

Soon, the kids were engaged and involved. Each weekend during chapel, they got to hear more about the mission and pastors, and a motorcycle chart was colored in to show their progress. The kids were excited to see how their small gifts could make a huge impact. 

One week, a class of 3rd-5th grade students at the Blankenbaker Campus got to plan the chapel service for the younger kids. Some of them were in charge of the music. Some helped with the lesson. And two boys were in charge of leading the missions time. Those two boys got really excited about the motorcycle fund. They brought in a dirt bike and made a set designed like village houses. That week, instead of seeing a photo on the screen, the younger kids got to imagine that they were seeing a pastor navigating his motorcycle to remote villages in India. The goal was even more important to them than before. 

By the end of the two-month emphasis on Harvest Ministries, SE!Kids had raised $2,250, which was enough for a reliable new motorcycle for a pastor in India, and a surplus to go toward another pastor’s motorcycle! 

Today, because of the generosity and commitment of the kids at all of Southeast’s campuses, a pastor in India has a way to reach remote villages with the Gospel! 

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