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Serving with a Prayer

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Serving with a Prayer

As schools began closing and people started working from home or watching helplessly as Covid-19 became a reality, Hope Hendricks, a young woman from Southeast’s Southwest Campus, sent out a text to her college-age home group. Did anyone want to go pray with her?

Over the next couple of days, Hope and her friends Sarah and Connie drove around Louisville and Shepherdsville. Each in their own car, they drove together to schools, local businesses, neighborhoods, hospitals, grocery stores, and government buildings. They would stop their cars, roll down their windows, and pray together for those impacted by the virus, for those making decisions, for those living in uncertainty, and for God’s kingdom to grow.  

"Prayer is my go-to thing when there is absolutely nothing I can do,” Hope said. She wasn’t trying to pursue fame or glory, but just for the people around her to experience Christ’s love and peace during this unnerving time. Praying from their cars is a little thing that they can safely do that has a huge eternal impact. They hope more people will join together in prayer in this way.

When they stopped to pray for Stomping Grounds, a local coffee shop, the owners were so touched that they shared a post on Facebook to thank the women and share hope with even more people.  

Each young woman is living within her own uncertainty. They’re waiting to see how their jobs and school will work out. But they believe that even in this turmoil, God is faithful and He is working everything for His purposes. While the women are staying vigilant in observing state and local guidelines for safety, they hope to be out praying as long as they’re able. Together, they’re impacting and encouraging the community, one prayer at a time.  

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