Southeast Celebrates 72nd Church Plant

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Southeast Celebrates 72nd Church Plant

By Ruth Schenk

Southeast Christian is a large church with 15 campuses. Home to more than 20,000 who gather in different locations to worship every week.

But there is more.

In the last 20 years, Southeast helped launch 72 new church plants around the country as well as international churches in South Africa, Nigeria, and France. Each one is strategically placed in a community where less than 3% attend church. Plants are designed for the unchurched, those hurt by churches, those who wonder about faith, and those who long for community.

Each one has its own identity. And from the beginning, each one helps start daughter churches.

So, the reach of these church plants cannot be measured.

A few weeks ago, Southeast helped launch three new churches, So Flo in West Palm Beach, The House in Ferguson, Missouri, and City Coast Church in Fairfield County, close to New York City.

All are off to great starts with hundreds attending.

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