Southeast Mission Team 'Shares Life' with Scots Who Live in Schemes

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Southeast Mission Team 'Shares Life' with Scots Who Live in Schemes

By Ruth Schenk

For six days, a team from Southeast became part of 20schemes, a key partner sharing the light of Christ with communities in Scotland.

That happened in conversations, hikes, sharing meals, worship, and Bible study.

“Schemes are areas of necessity and need,” said team trip leader Drew Davis. “All sorts of people buy or rent in schemes. 20schemes teams live life with people. They live in the community. Their doors are always open. Conversations happen everywhere.”

20schemes leaders put it this way: “We’re introducing people to a person, and that is Jesus. The church is right around us. It’s a day-in-and-day-out ministry.”

Drew describes time in Scotland with 20schemes as “learning from staff at 20schemes, hanging out with teenagers, gathering to pray every morning, playing soccer with kids in the community, Bible study, hearing transformation stories, and sharing community meals."

All of it mattered.

“People asked why we went. We went as Christ followers to make Christ known, to learn, encourage, and support 20schemes," Drew said. "They taught us so much as we had a chance to unite with them as the body of Christ.”

Partnership continues.

Learn more about 20schemes.

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