Here's to the Moms: Beth

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Here's to the Moms: Beth

God gave me three things to do: spread the word, be a good wife, and be a good mom. 

There’s a quote in the Bible that says “Thank God for his indescribable gifts.” It’s 2 Corinthians 9:15, and my sons were born on September 15. They are definitely indescribable gifts.

I guess I expected to be happy, and expected to love them, but I had no idea I could just be 100% committed to two kids like this.

They’ve always been a joy, but since I lost my husband last year, they have been what has kept me going for the most part. And they are terrific.

This Mother’s Day we’re sending love to all kinds of moms!

• Adoptive moms

• Everyday moms

• Expecting moms

• Foster moms

• Working moms

• Moms grieving the loss of a child

• Single moms

• Spiritual moms

• Stay-at-home moms

• Stepmoms

Happy Mother's Day!

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