Here's to the Moms: Denise

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Here's to the Moms: Denise

I’m single and I’ve never been married. In my younger years, I wanted to be married. I wanted to have a house full of kids because I wanted to raise them to be soldiers of Christ—just have fun together and mainly, you know, teach them about the Word of God. And those plans just didn’t pan out for whatever reason. But, you know, God’s will is always what’s most important. 

He knows the best, He sees the future, but I’ve always, from that, worked with children. I started working in children’s ministry at my church where I’m originally from, leading music and stuff like that.

This Mother’s Day we’re sending love to all kinds of moms!

• Adoptive moms

• Everyday moms

• Expecting moms

• Foster moms

• Working moms

• Moms grieving the loss of a child

• Single moms

• Spiritual moms

• Stay-at-home moms

• Stepmoms

Happy Mother's Day!

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