Here's to the Moms: Gloria

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Here's to the Moms: Gloria

It’s amazing to me that God placed in my heart that mommy love for a child I haven’t yet met. 

We said yes right away because God had just worked out all the details—the transportation, therapies, equipment, finances, and clothing.

Our home is still open. We are just letting God know that we’re here for Him to do whatever He wants with our family.

Our family looks different than we ever planned for it to look and the journey was not at all like we expected or planned, but when we said yes, God proved His faithfulness and increased our faith. And then we said yes again. And He proved His faithfulness and provided for us and increased our faith. And we said yes again. And there’s this cycle that has been happening—and it has just been amazing.

When we step in and we decide we’re going to wreck the roof, other people will empty the jar to repair it.

This Mother’s Day we’re sending love to all kinds of moms!

• Adoptive moms

• Everyday moms

• Expecting moms

• Foster moms

• Working moms

• Moms grieving the loss of a child

• Single moms

• Spiritual moms

• Stay-at-home moms

• Stepmoms

Happy Mother's Day!

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