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Katherine's Story: Worth the Wait

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Katherine's Story: Worth the Wait

By Carla Williams

After years of infertility and rounds of attempted IVF, there’s one thing Katherine and Justin know for sure: every baby is a miracle.

When Katherine and Justin got married in their early-30s, they wasted no time in trying to add kids to their family. Katherine has a daughter from a previous marriage, but they wanted to have at least one child together. After a year of trying, Katherine checked in with her doctor, who immediately suggested IVF. 

Justin and Katherine were resistant at first to the idea of IVF. Justin worried that they were “playing God” and making decisions that weren’t theirs to make. Katherine wanted to start with a less extreme solution. But as they went through each step of the process, they learned that though they could make plans and follow scientific procedures, only God can control the outcome.  


During the process, Katherine and Justin navigated a long list of misinformation and confusion about IVF and the results. They’d been led to believe it was a guaranteed solution, but soon realized that even the most effective clinics could often only boast a 50% success rate. They met new friends who had gone through the process and they found a common community in the experience. Throughout each step, they had people praying and walking with them. Even staff at Southeast were keeping up with their journey through regular prayer updates written on the tear-off Connection Card in the bulletin.   

After their first eight months of trying with a fertility doctor, Justin and Katherine felt a growing sense of discomfort with their doctor and the approach he was using. One day, they were each separately recommended another doctor, who turned out to be an answer to their prayers. God was walking with them, leading and guiding them in each step of the journey. 

Even with their new doctor, it was another year of trying. They had five total attempts at IVF, including two that were cancelled because of medical factors. It was a stressful and exhausting process.  

One morning, after their latest attempt at IVF, Katherine went in to her doctor for bloodwork. Before she even had tests done, she was certain that she was, once again, not pregnant. She went ahead and did the tests for the doctor, and then went home and sobbed on her bed while Justin held her and prayed for her. She was so angry and tired and confused. On paper, there was no reason why they weren’t able to get pregnant, and every failed attempt felt like a personal rejection from God.  

Hours later, Katherine listened to the voicemail her doctor’s office had left her. She had rejected the call because she didn’t want to hear even one more time that the process had failed and she was not expecting a baby.  

Her doctor’s office had called to tell her she was pregnant. With twins. 

Katherine immediately hit her knees in gratitude and repentance, knowing that just minutes before she was railing against God and doubting His goodness. He had been faithful even though she was angry and accusatory.  

Both Katherine and Justin acknowledge that if they had gotten pregnant right away like they expected, they would have missed out on the gifts God had for them along the way. They had a deeper, more vulnerable community of people around them. They had a greater appreciation for the whole creation of a human, and their tried-and-tested faith was of greater worth than gold.  

Now, their home and hearts are full. Their twins joined Katherine’s daughter to create the big, happy family that Katherine and Justin had always dreamed of. Those two miracles were certainly worth the wait.  

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