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Juneteenth: A Time for Celebration!

Issue 3

by Carl L. Williams, Sr.

As we strive to grow together in the unity of our faith, Christians should use Juneteenth as an opportunity to gain new historical perspectives that foster cultural competence and bring not only unity, but racial healing.

So, when asked the question, How should the church respond to Juneteenth?, my response is simple—we should celebrate this historic day as brothers and sisters in Christ remembering its significance. 

Remembering is important. It is not good to forget any important day—your wedding anniversary, an important birthday, days that represent promises you have made to other people, etc. In Exodus 12, we read about Israel’s first celebration of Passover. It is a tremendous lesson on the theology of remembering. The Passover celebrated and remembered God’s supernatural deliverance of the Israelites from the hands of the Egyptians. 

Citizens of the United States celebrate Independence Day, which is significant in American history, as it marks the day the United States officially declared its independence from the rule and heavy taxation of Great Britain and became its own nation. Likewise, Juneteenth remembers and celebrates the liberation of enslaved people in Texas.

As the Passover is remembered and celebrated by Jews and others all over the world and America remembers and celebrates her independence each Fourth of July, African Americans remember and celebrate June 19, 1865, the day when the last slaves in Texas were liberated from the bondage of American slavery.

How should the church respond to Juneteenth? We should celebrate. Anytime God delivers us from the bondage of sin, it is a time to celebrate! Anytime God delivers us from our weakness and our worldliness, it is a time to celebrate!

So, we celebrate our siblings in Christ and creation’s liberation from oppression! We celebrate their deliverance and our nation’s movement toward justice and equality.

It does not matter whether we are celebrating freedom from the oppression of drugs, alcohol, pornography, gambling, idolatry, or any other unholy living…Romans 12:15 NLT instructs us to “Be happy with those who are happy, and weep with those who weep.”

Executive Pastor of Greater New Beginnings Christian Church and the Executive Director of Access Justice

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