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Chuck Doty was walking his dog when he noticed work crews at a neighbor’s house. He found it curious but not significant that they were there the following day or even the next—that is until two of his former bosses at UPS came out the front door.

They explained the house was a CrossRoads Missions project, remodeled for a family who fled Africa, working hard in jobs and at their house church.

John Boyd saw the men talking and invited Chuck to join the work crew. He has been with them ever since.

People are always on John’s radar.

It’s the 93-year-old who needs her soffit fixed, the family wanting to foster children who need a ramp, and the widow or single mom who needs a repair. It’s building homes for families that include adults with special needs.

The goal of each day is focusing on one person at a time.

Now 70, John still works in sales, but spends most days volunteering with CrossRoads Missions. It’s a long way from the lifetime of 70-hour work weeks he spent crisscrossing the globe for consults and meetings. While it brought success, it left him only somewhat fulfilled, as he was a church-goer who rarely opened the Bible.

Six years ago, two separate conversations on the golf course changed everything.

A friend invited him to the Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study at Southeast Christian Church. There, he saw hundreds of men serious about studying Scripture. Since then, he looks forward to reading the Bible to start the day.

During another game of golf, a Southeast member mentioned a Missions Ministry project in West Louisville. Volunteers were planning to gut and rebuild 11 houses in three weeks for men and women willing to transform their community one neighbor at a time.

That was right up John’s alley. He was one of 4,500 people who signed up to help.

“I’d been praying about finding a place to serve,” John said. “I knew I’d continue to work after retirement, but I wanted to find something that didn’t require travel. I’d done that all my life. I wanted to serve alongside others.”

Life hasn’t been the same since.

John doesn’t see what he does as anything special. Others disagree.

“To call John Boyd a volunteer would be like saying I am taking a drive in the family car, then rolling by in a fire engine red convertible Ferrari,” CrossRoads Executive Director Rob Minton said. “John is so much more than a volunteer—he is a true friend of CrossRoads and our team. He dedicates countless hours to recruitment, promotion, preparation, and prayer. John is constantly looking for that next guy to shoulder tap and invite to come and plug in.”

Sixty men and women are on John’s go-to list, with 25 to 30 showing up every week to work on a project. He knows the skill set of each volunteer, but says all volunteers are valuable regardless of their skills. Some days he works beside a homeowner or a neighbor holding a hammer for the first time.

“I’ve seen John offer to help volunteers with projects at their own homes,” Chuck said. “His leadership on these teams is phenomenal. Really one person at a time, bringing them along in their skills and often in their faith.”

Workdays begin with prayer: God, thank You for giving us this opportunity to work in Your Kingdom. Keep us ever mindful it’s not about us. It’s all about You.

John describes days with CrossRoads Missions as “unbelievably exciting.” Better than the big stage he once commanded.

“These are the best years,” he said. 

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