Beneath the Water

We are so excited that you’re interested in learning more about baptism. The videos below unpack the different ways that baptism beautifully illustrates what it means to walk in fullness of life with Christ. The old has gone, the new has come!


“We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.”



“And that water is a picture of baptism, which now saves you, not by removing dirt from your body, but as a response to God from a clean conscience. It is effective because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

1 PETER 3:21 NLT


“For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, declares the Lord: I will put my law within them, and I will write it on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they shall be my people.”

Jeremiah 31:33 ESV

New Life

"Jesus replied, 'I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.' 'What do you mean?' exclaimed Nicodemus. 'How can an old man go back into his mother’s womb and be born again?' Jesus replied, 'I assure you, no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit. Humans can reproduce only human life, but the Holy Spirit gives birth to spiritual life.'”

John 3:3-6 NLT

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be baptized?

Everyone who is willing to repent of their sins and confess their belief in Christ should be baptized (Matthew 28:19; Acts 2:38-39).


How and when should I be baptized?

The word for “baptism” in the New Testament is the Greek word baptizo, which means “to immerse in water.” The New Testament says baptism represents the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ (Romans 6:1-5). Baptism serves as a symbol of the burial of the old self and the resurrection of the believer’s soul to walk in life with Christ. Therefore, at Southeast, we baptize people by immersing them in water. If you have been sprinkled, we would love to talk to you about why immersion is important.

A person should be baptized at the time he or she trusts in Christ. The Bible teaches we are saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8), but in the New Testament church, a person’s baptism was always the first expression of faith, not separate from it. Therefore, baptism was not just a symbol or a memorial of faith, but was intended to offer a means of union with Christ and a benchmark of transformation, marking the place and time a person made a commitment to Christ (Romans 6:1-8). At Southeast, we are attempting to restore the original intent and practice of baptism. Therefore, we ask a person to be baptized at the point that he or she is ready to make a commitment to Christ.


Why should I be baptized?

A person should be baptized to follow the example of Christ (Matthew 3:13-17), to obey Christ’s command (Matthew 28:18), to accept forgiveness of sins (Acts 2:38; 22:16), to receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38), to express trust in Christ (Acts 8:12-13), and to testify to God’s work in his or her life (Romans 6:1-8; Galatians 3:27). The only method by which the human soul can be wiped clean of sin is through the blood of Christ (Hebrews 9:27-10:7), and this “washing away” of sin is most clearly symbolized in the act of baptism (Acts 22:16; 1 Peter 3:21).

The act of baptism cannot save an individual. We are saved only through accepting Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. Baptism demonstrates the believer’s acceptance of Christ and is the point of time when the believer receives assurance of his or her faith.


Should a person ever be rebaptized?

Any person who has trusted in Jesus as the only Son of God and who has willingly been immersed into Christ may become a member of Southeast whether the baptism occurred here or elsewhere. Rebaptism is encouraged for those who lack confidence in their initial baptism experience because they don’t remember it, they were coerced, or their heart was not right with God at the time. Anyone who has fallen into sin after having been baptized should repent and seek forgiveness, but rebaptism is not necessary (Acts 8:13-24).


What should I wear and where do I go if I want to be baptized?

We provide shirts, shorts, and towels—just come in your normal clothes and change when you get here.

Check in at the Next Step Room before the service or stop by the Connection Center...we would love to help guide you the rest of the way!


What time should I arrive? Do I have to be baptized during a worship service?

We encourage you to come 15 minutes before the service to get checked in and ready to go!

You do not have to be baptized during a service. Baptisms at other times are acceptable (Acts 8:38; 16:33), but we encourage baptisms during worship services because they provide the opportunity to testify to your faith and show humility.


Can anyone come with me? Who will baptize me?

Yes! Invite your friends and family, as this is an awesome moment for them to witness the difference that Jesus has made in your life!

We invite you to have the person who led you to Christ or someone who encouraged you along the way to baptize you. Or, if you prefer, one of our pastors would be happy to baptize you.


Can children get baptized?

Our prayer is that the next generation is awakened to God’s heart and love for them. We want baptism to be a decision your child can comprehend and step into personally as they follow Jesus with their life. Forever Treasure is a resource available to families to help the conversations at home regarding what it means to follow Jesus through baptism and beyond. Forever Treasure books (child and caregiver) are available at each campus.


Have more questions?

We would be thrilled to have a conversation with you about your decision to get baptized. Please come to the Next Step Room at any campus after service or fill out the form below.

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