What is 215?

2 Timothy 2:15 says, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth” (niv).

215 is a Residency program for people who are called and committed to full-time vocational ministry. Residents spend two years at Southeast being developed and equipped to serve in churches and ministries locally, around the world, and anywhere in between.



Residents spend most of their time as part of of one of Southeast's ministry teams being developed in their giftedness, learning side-by-side with a Ministry Mentor, gaining hands-on experience, and making an impact in the lives of people.


Ministry is best done out of the overflow of a heart that is spiritually healthy and thriving. In 215, we will help lay the groundwork for lasting spiritual depth and habits that will sustain Residents in their future ministries.


The Bible informs and empowers all of who we are and what we do in ministry. Whether Residents have prior formal biblical training or not, 215 devotes significant time and attention to growing biblical understanding and familiarity.


215 Residency Interest Form


Applications for the next Residency Class will open on November 1, 2022 and be available until February 15, 2023.

Meet the 215 Residents

Second-Year Residents

(Finishing in May 2024 )

Rosie Borgaila

Pastoral Care

Three things Rosie is passionate about:
Counseling, Community, and Loving Others

Lacey Boze

Community Ministry - Beechmont Campus

Three things Lacey is passionate about:
Unity, Diversity, and Biblical Literacy

Troy Castle

Worship - Bullitt County Campus

Three things Troy is passionate about:
Community, Mentorship, Worship

Jackson Dugan

College Age Ministry - Blankenbaker Campus

Three things Jackson is passionate about:
Discipleship, Community, and Mentorship

Haley Joyce

Worship - Crestwood Campus

Three things Haley is passionate about:
Worship, Community, and Students

Gabby Kouzelos

Connections Ministry - South Louisville Campus

Three things Gabby is passionate about:
Connections, Discipleship, and Teaching

Griffin Marshall

Shine Disabilities Ministry

Three things Griffin is passionate about:
Community, Spiritual Formation, and Service

Sarah McDowell

Church Wide Initiatives

Three things Sarah is passionate about:
Unity, Discipleship, and Intentionality

Jonathan Mills

Worship - Prospect Campus

Three things Jonathan is passionate about:
Discipleship, Worship, and Teaching

Brennan Schansberg

General Ministry - Indiana Campus

Three things Brennan is passionate about:
Community, Discipleship, and Grace

First-Year Residents

(Finishing in May 2025 )

Samantha Capehart

General Ministry - Shelby County Campus

Three things Samantha is passionate about:
Shepherding, Community, and Teaching

Morgan Hampton

General Ministry - Bullitt Campus

Three things Morgan is passionate about:
Discipleship, Worship, and Spiritual Formation

Nate Hawkins

Connections Ministry - La Grange Campus

Three things Nate is passionate about:
Discipleship, Church Planting, and the Bible

Alyssa Howie

Student Ministry - Blankenbaker Campus

Three things Alyssa is passionate about:
Students, Hospitality, and Worship

Kendall Kadnuck

Women's Ministry - Prospect Campus

Three things Kendall is passionate about:
Women, Discipleship, and Hospitality

Mathieu Mporana

General Ministry - Multination Campus

Three things Mathieu is passionate about:
The Bible, Worship, and Young Adults

Abby Rich

Student Ministry - Elizabethtown Campus

Three things Abby is passionate about:
Students, Community, and Vulnerability

Aiden Todd

Children's Ministry - Crestwood Campus

Three things Aiden is passionate about:
Young People, Community, and Service

Lydia Whaley


Three things Lydia is passionate about:
Discipleship, Spiritual Formation, and Unity

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For more information about 215, please call 502-253-8354 or email: Residency@secc.org

Ben Cross
Pastor of Residency & Theology
Cathy Cook
215 Operations Associate
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Prepare Scholarship

Applications for the 2023/2024 school year are due by April 30th

Prepare Scholarship

For more information or if you have additional questions, please call 502-253-8354 or email preparescholarship@secc.org