Prayer Answered When Missionaries Move to Liverpool


Prayer Answered When Missionaries Move to Liverpool
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Sometimes something so crazy happens that you know deep down—only God. It’s humbling, faith-building, life-changing. A reminder that God sees and knows.

For two years, Lisa Scott prayed for a young couple she did not know. Not their names, plans, or how their lives looked in Louisville. All she knew was one phrase in a sermon she watched from her home in Liverpool, England: “A young couple from Southeast is praying about moving to Liverpool for ministry.”

Lisa wanted that to happen. She’d been watching worship services from her home in Liverpool since reading Not a Fan by Southeast Christian Church Senior Pastor Kyle Idleman. Above all, she wanted to continue high impact of following Jesus every day.  When Lisa wanted to be baptized, she got in touch with Missions Ministry staff to find someone in Liverpool. She learned that Justin and Lindsay Thomas, the young couple Lisa had been praying for, just moved to Liverpool.

Soon, they will baptize Lisa and her son. That amazing, almost unbelievable God-only meeting gives Lisa and the Thomases deep trust in God’s big plan. In Liverpool, Justin trains missionaries in business plans that will help them settle in unreached or closed countries. He also documents stories of refugees in the community. Lindsay manages a new art gallery and café that features Christian artists from around the world. Their ministry plan is simply one conversation at a time with the person in front of them. Telling stories. Building friendships. Sharing truth about Jesus.

Meeting Lisa is a gift for them as well.

“God has given us such a wonderful gift in meeting Lisa, who has been praying for us without even knowing us,” Justin said. “God used that to affirm that we are exactly where He wants us to be. We are so grateful.”